The Grange Pub by markhillary
The Grange Pub, a photo by markhillary on Flickr.

Love searching Flickr for my favourite English pubs. When I lived in Ealing, London this was our local and within walking distance of The Common where I lived – not on the common but opposite!!!

I signed up for Flickr through my fb account in December last year. I put 3 photos in my photostream and as I see today I have had about a dozen views on each. I have not added tags but can see the value of them as a keyword or category label helps when searching for photos/videos which have something in common. Interesting fact – You can assign up to 75 tags to each photo or video!!

With my studies, I did join a community group INF206-INF506 photo pool which was where we shared our social networking experiences – the administrator for this group did not set up any rules just that we play nicely!!!

I have just set my privacy settings in Flickr so that photos are only seen by myself, friends and family. I haven’t bothered with Picasa.

Now, I have also registered for Instagram but as yet have not done much with it.  Eventually want to use it for photo sharing on fb.


Google maps would be helpful when travelling overseas. The from and to feature as well as avoiding highways and tolls and number of kms from A to B is the information needed for travel plans.  Also mode of transport is very important as some travellers cycle, walk, catch train or hire a car. I have not used this before but the up to date traffic reports, weather , terrain and web cams are all useful when planning that all important trip overseas.  I have just had the most wonderful virtual trip around Europe by accessing street view by taking the Yellow ‘person’ on the scaler and dragging it to the map. Wow!!!

With accuracy, it depends on whether directions are still current depending on road works. It also might lead you down dead ends or toll roads. That is why it is a good to avoid toll roads and highways.

There is also print, email and link buttons to help you share maps and locations with others. Amazing!

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One of the Google products I love are doodles! I only found out that this is what these creations are called through 23 Things program. They really brighten up my day when I go to the Google homepage to do a Google search in the morning. They help me find out very interesting facts as they are used to celebrate holidays anniversaries and lives of famous people.  Love them!!! I also search the web on the go with my mobile and find places through Google maps.  I have enjoyed watching videos on YouTube and will investigate downloading the app onto my phone. Will need to increase my data download though!!!!

My son suggested that I use Google Chrome because it is heaps quicker than Firefox and I must admit it is easy, secure and much quicker than the other browsers. I also had a lot of fun with Google images.

Recently, I was doing some research for a library display and found some reputable sources on Google scholar.  I have created a Google account which is the portal for all these products and services. Wow, Google everything is absolutely true!!!

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I am hoping to learn more about social media and communicating and sharing via technology. By the end of this program, I will be blogging, chatting and tweeting on twitter. I wonder!!! I do enjoy a challenge and this will give me the opportunity to embrace new technologies. I am already a user of fb and skype.

After visiting the tech blog mashable.com. I can see how tech blogs are a great way to keep up with developments in technology and these new inventions can be shared by liking them on fb or sharing with followers on twitter. “Rad Robot Accessories for Your Office” was a great article highlighting some super inventions.

My search on Lifelong Learning explained the definition, benefits, strategies, attributes, quotes and principles of LLL. The government website http://www.seniors.gov.au/internet/seniors/publishing.nsf/Content/Lifelong+learning quoted LLL as “Lifelong learning is the phrase used to describe all components of formal and informal learning. This covers everything from short courses on digital photography at the local high school to tertiary qualifications at universities.” All very interesting!!

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